Glass Roofs

A structural frameless glass roof creating a very light and open feel to the space below utilising high performance glass units and to minimise heat loss and conserve energy costs. Glass joints of glass frameless roof supported by glass beams, providing maximum light transmission. Our stunning flat glass roof lights are perfect for letting maximum light flood into any room through a flat roof. Frameless roof or wall Glazing systems are more common place in modern day architectural glazing. This systems may be cost effective in basic and relatively small applications (with the use of unsupported glass to glass joints). The glass roof or wall are often supported with the use of structural glass fins or in the case of glass to glass corner detailing, supported from the adjacent glass itself. Often the glass roof or wall units will be supported and retained with the use of stainless steel fittings and glazing brackets. However in some instances the glass may be structurally glazed to the supporting glass members.